Angie’s Makeover is finished before the New Year!

Angie has been telling me she really wanted to have her new look finished before the year end.  As I mentioned where we left her before Christmas, I wanted to add some color to separate the Yellow and Almond areas.  My first attempted encouraged me to continue adding more width and variation to the dividing Orange which I edged with purple.

After I was satisfied with the final changes, it was time for the finishing Clear Coat.  The first picture below reflects the Orange and Purple I made from mixing colors as discussed in the previous article on Angie’s progress.  In addition, you can see the various size brushes I used for the detailed painting.  I also used knee pads to prevent potential injury from the hard ground, while I was completing the detailing.

Well now it’s time to create a new base for Angie.  Her resting spot is subject to flooding during the rainy season.  I used burlap bags filled with sand to provide the beginning of her elevated platform.  Stay tuned to see how you can use concrete to form the appearance of a large rock.  This will allow Angie to rest above any future flood water.

Best Wishes for a Happy & Successful New Year!

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