Let’s Go Fly a Kite!

After another viewing of Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks”, it was time to Go Fly a Kite.  It’s a great movie about how the movie “Mary Poppins” came to be.  When they sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” you just want to!  As a kid I always purchased a Dragon Kite.  I lived in Lawndale, California […]

Dinosaurs in the Spotlight!

Rock style Solar Lights have been fun to use to highlight the Dinosaurs in the park for a couple of years now.  I have had mixed results with the “Destination Summer” Solar Rock lights I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond (BBB).  The set of 3 (2 small & 1 large) many stopped working after […]

Finishing Pamela and more…

Final Touch-ups to the painted spikes, adjustments for overspray and clear coating completed.  The original eyes were yellow and small.  I had some larger green eyes that work much better with Pamela’s colors.  After adding a sufficient amount of silicone glue to the center of the metal eye rings, the new eyes were inserted.  Fortunately, […]

Happy Easter!

Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy Easter Day Filled with Fun & Inspiration! All the EasterSaurus are out and about delivering Happiness & Treats.  Do EasTer Rexes & EasteRaptors really like chocolate bunnies?  Or is it a trick to see if someone will reach their hand in side their mouth for a milk chocolate […]

Is there an EasTer Rex or EasteRaptor in Your Neighborhood?

We have all heard of the Easter Bunny.  Did you know there were Easter Dinosaurs?  Really!  The EasTer Rex, the EasteRaptor, EasTerceratops and many other Eastersaurus.  For some reason the Bunny is the only Easter animal people seem to remember.  Hmmmm.  Millions of years ago a group of Dinosaurs met to improve relationships with All […]

Dinosaur Eggs for Easter

I found some fun activities with Dinosaur Eggs.  Dig It Up! Dinosaur Eggs allow you to excavate a baby dinosaur from clay eggs.  After soaking the eggs as recommended you use tools provided to remove the baby dinosaurs from the eggs.  You can be a Paleontologist at home!  These Eggs are expected to arrive by […]

Pamela and Green Diamonds

After a great deal of additional practice drawing spikes on paper, I was ready to improve upon my first attempt at creating the 3D appearance of spikes on Pamela’s neck, back and tail.  The Drawing Course I’m taking is from The Great Courses “How to Draw”.  It is a series of 36 lectures on 6 […]

Creating a Special Place for Your Dinosaur to Perch part 2

There are many choices for concrete paint.  I found a number of possibilities at the Sherwin-Williams Store in Camarillo.  Cecilia the store manager was very helpful with matching the chip cards to items I brought from home.  I collected some small stones and bark from the yard to assist in color choices for the new […]

Creating a Special Place for Your Dinosaur to Perch

I mentioned in my post on January 19th “Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus gets a Makeover”, I am creating a special base using burlap bags filled with sand and then covering them with concrete to give the appearance of stone.  My first attempt at making this type of base is for a full size Prehistoric Animal.  The […]