Pamela and Green Diamonds

After a great deal of additional practice drawing spikes on paper, I was ready to improve upon my first attempt at creating the 3D appearance of spikes on Pamela’s neck, back and tail.  The Drawing Course I’m taking is from The Great Courses “How to Draw”.  It is a series of 36 lectures on 6 […]

Creating a Special Place for Your Dinosaur to Perch part 2

There are many choices for concrete paint.  I found a number of possibilities at the Sherwin-Williams Store in Camarillo.  Cecilia the store manager was very helpful with matching the chip cards to items I brought from home.  I collected some small stones and bark from the yard to assist in color choices for the new […]

Creating a Special Place for Your Dinosaur to Perch

I mentioned in my post on January 19th “Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus gets a Makeover”, I am creating a special base using burlap bags filled with sand and then covering them with concrete to give the appearance of stone.  My first attempt at making this type of base is for a full size Prehistoric Animal.  The […]

Pamela and a Field Trip

Many Paleoartists add spikes along the top of the neck, back and tail on the Pachycephalosaurus.  I decided to use paint to create the look of spikes in these areas.  A few pieces of cardboard were helpful in creating a template for spikes for Pamela.  I used the Hammered Gold for the triangular spikes sprayed […]

Wishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope you are having a Great Day!  Valentine’s Day is a good excuse to treat yourself whether it’s with a special someone, your favorite food, dessert, flowers, music or the night out make this a special day for yourself! We are enjoying the day with special treats, music, flowers a movie and dinner at […]

Where are the little Dinosaurs?

World renowned paleontologist, Jack Horner has a great video on YouTube that provides an explanation.   Pachycephalosaurus is featured as one of the dinosaur examples demonstrating his theory.  Dinosaurs are believed to have grown like birds.  Dinosaurs skulls could change significantly even after reaching 80% of adult size.  Therefore, smaller dinosaurs with different names could just […]

Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus Primer and Painting

Time for primer and painting.  Lying your Dinosaur on its side allows you to provide a good protective coating inside the legs.  It is also helpful to ensure a good coating on the underside of the body.  Several light coats are better than one heavy one.  After returning to an upright position, the priming can […]

Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus gets a Makeover

It’s always a good idea to select a site before adopting a Metal Dinosaur.  Depending on the size you don’t want to be moving them around frequently.  Mine are involved in many of my projects so they tend to travel the yard and inside the house from time to time.  I have platform trucks and […]