Today at JurassicQuest!

I arrived a half hour early and a line had already started.  You still have time to check it out!  They’re open until 8:00 pm tonight and 9:00 am until 7:00 pm Sunday.  It’s Great Fun for All Ages.  Outdoor and indoor exhibits with life like and Life Size Dinosaurs!  Rides for the Kids and Educational Stations for All.  Below Grandma takes a picture of the kids as they marvel at the Dinosaurs.  My Favorite Ride on a Carnotaurus.  A very pleasant Ride Operator with his Dinosaur.  A lone child barely visible with the Towering Giants!

Here are some my favorite shots from the Exhibits.  Can you guess the names of all the dinosaurs I photographed?  Check the Events page for more pictures.

The T-Rex head was a fun photo opportunity.  Kids could climb inside the head from the back and be photographed as if the T-Rex Ate Them!!!  Or they could sit in the lower part of the mouth.  I thought I was a little too big to fit in either of those poses.

As I said You still have time.  Don’t miss it!

JurassicQuest at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

10 W Harbor Blvd.

Ventura, CA 93001

Check out their website for details:

Happy Holidays!

Coming up next Pumpkin Pie from scratch and more on Angie’s Makeover.

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