About Me

Hi, I’m Paul Heinzman.

Like many I have loved dinosaurs since I was a kid.  This story starts when I was looking for a free standing trellis to support a wild vine.  After an exhaustive search at Home Improvement Stores and Local Nurseries, I checked out a Fountain, Pond & Metal Sculpture Shop near my home.  As I walked through the various unique works of art, I came across a hatching T-Rex sculpture.

Once I got Kevin, home and placed in my garden, I knew I had to do something to protect Kevin from the weather and continuing to rust.  After wire brushing, acid washing, use of a rust convert some primer and final color painting, Kevin was ready for his close-up. 

The same shop had a 3 1/2 foot tall T-Rex and Pterodactyl that needed rescuing too.  Paul’s Prehistoric Park was born!

Since then I discovered another artist resulting in a Raptor, T-Rex and a Triceratops Family joining the Park.  The Raptor & T-Rex are 6 feet tall.  Two of the Triceratops are 9 ½ long the third is 6 ½ feet long.

After a few months outside the fluorescent colors on Kevin faded.  In February 2016, Kevin received a makeover and for extra protection several coats of clear coat.  As a result of this experience, clear coating is the final step in finishing for all the Dinosaurs & Pterosaurs in the Park.  Kevin looks great!  Therefore, Kevin received an honored place in the entry, which demonstrates how well Metal Dinosaurs behave indoors.  I will just have to fine another Dinosaur for his former spot outside.

My site will show you the steps I have taken to preserve these incredible works of art with photos, videos (coming soon) and written instructions.  How to select a site for your Metal Dinosaur in your yard or even indoors!  Locations of available dinosaurs can be found on the Needing Rescue/Adoption page.  We will talk to creators of these wonderful works of art and discover new artists hopefully from all around the world!

The Dinosaurs, Pterosaur & I have Adventures and Activities all year round to entertain you.  Visits to Museums, the Library and even the Zoo.  We leave no stone unturned looking for the latest on Dinosaurs & Pterosaurs.  We have fun activities at home, indoors and out.  Celebrating Holidays, Cooking, Pumpkin Carving, Book Readings, even a School for Dinosaurs and much more.

The Library visit and Book Reading to the Young Paleontologists of tomorrow, inspired me to write a Children’s Book with 2 more in the queue!   After seeing the Dinosaur Sculptures in the Desert of Borrego Springs, inspiration has moved me to designing Dinosaurs & Pterosaurs for the Park.  I am looking forward for Metal Sculpture Artists to bring these drawings to life – full size as when the Dinosaurs walked the earth!  I look forward to hearing your experience and discoveries as PaulsPrehistoricPark.com continues to grow!

Thanks for checking out my site.

Paul & Prehistoric Pals

“Encouraging the Appreciation of Art & Education through the Inspiration of Dinosaurs”