Triceratops and Baby Dinosaurs Sighting!

Triceratops adults and a couple of juveniles were recently seen at Gilbert Ramos Fountain & Garden Art in Woodland Hills.  A baby T-Rex and two young Apatosaurus were also sighted at this location.  Hurry before they move on!  If you miss them be sure to check with Gilbert (909) 843-0499 for when he expects more […]

EasTer Rex

We have all heard of the Easter Bunny.  Did you know there were Easter Dinosaurs?  Really!  The EasTer Rex, the EasteRapator, EasTericeratops and many others.  For some reason the Bunny is the only Easter animal people seem to remember.  If you have been really good you may be lucky enough to be visited by one […]

Pachycephalosaurus Sighting!

Two Pachycephalosaurus have been seen in Woodland Hills at Fountains & Garden Art! The name Pachycephalosaurus comes from Greek – meaning thick headed lizard.  They lived in the Cretaceous Period in North America – Montana, South Dakota & Wyoming and now two in Woodland Hills, CA!  Pachycephalosaurus were herbivorous or omnivorous animals eating leaves, […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

We hope You All are having a Great Valentine’s Day! Dominic and Raphael bring See’s candy to share.  My favorites – Bordeaux & Caramels Dark and Milk Chocolate.  Alejandro, Marc and Antonio have just about finished them off. Good news Antonio saves the day!  He flew to Paris and back to pick-up some incredible chocolates […]

Carnivores in the Kitchen

What’s your Kitchen Style – Cretaceous Contemporary or Jurassic Rustic? You can’t go wrong with either one when the chefs are Metal Dinosaurs.  Too many cooks in the Kitchen?  Not here!  Both Raphael (Raptor) and Dominic (T-Rex) enjoy helping out – from preparing the main course (which they most likely caught), baking cooks or setting […]

Art Imitating Life

I made a trip to the Natural History Museum Los Angles to see the latest Dinosaur Exhibits. I believe the last time I was there was a Field Trip in Elementary School. At that time Dinosaurs were thought to be cold blooded reptiles. I still have a few books from that time. Even then they […]

Dinosaur Transports

If you want to move your Dinosaur, you need to consider how? Its size, distance, your terrain and your physical capabilities should all be considered when answering this question. Selecting the right permanent spot to begin with might help. But plans change and your weather conditions may warrant changing locations especially for those living in […]

Preparing for Christmas

Everyone is in the Holiday Spirit at the Park. We all took part in setting out the Decorations while Singing Carols. The favorites are: “Rudolph the Red Nose Raptor”, “The Twelve Dinosaurs of Christmas”, “O’ Christmas Tree” and “We Three Triceratops of Orient Are”.   [Show thumbnails] Please make comments in CONTACT tab Thank You!

New Arrivals – Triceratops Family

Sunday is a Fun Day at Paul’s Prehistoric Park!  A Family of Triceratops has arrived.  Two parents and their child. Gilbert Ramos brings the adopted family to their new home. He has a Raptor and a T-Rex on his transport, as well. They are on their way to a new home in Camarillo, CA.   [Show […]

Featured Artist – Gilbert Ramos

Gilbert Ramos has been a welder for over 25 years.  He has a great talent and eye for detail.  Gilbert creates many life-like animals from metal.  He has developed a particular expertise with dinosaurs over the last 17 years.  To his knowledge he is the first to make dinosaurs from metal and the first to […]