EasTer Rex

We have all heard of the Easter Bunny.  Did you know there were Easter Dinosaurs?  Really!  The EasTer Rex, the EasteRapator, EasTericeratops and many others.  For some reason the Bunny is the only Easter animal people seem to remember.  If you have been really good you may be lucky enough to be visited by one […]

Pachycephalosaurus Sighting!

Two Pachycephalosaurus have been seen in Woodland Hills at Fountains & Garden Art! http://FountainsGardenArt.com The name Pachycephalosaurus comes from Greek – meaning thick headed lizard.  They lived in the Cretaceous Period in North America – Montana, South Dakota & Wyoming and now two in Woodland Hills, CA!  Pachycephalosaurus were herbivorous or omnivorous animals eating leaves, […]