Raptor Step 3 Wire Brushing

I choose to finish my dinosaurs by painting.  “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder”  You have many options. Leave “As Is” – Natural.  Depending on the condition when adopted, you may have many years before rust creates serious damage.  I would recommend a clear coat (flat, gloss or high gloss) to reduce the speed of […]

Dinosaur Detectives

Dinosaurs are very intelligent and great problem solvers.  They are patient and have keen observation skills making them prefect Detectives. On a chilly evening, Alex and I enjoy a suspenseful Murder Mystery.  As the clues are presented, which one of us will solve the “Who Done It” first? Please make comments in CONTACT tab Thank […]

Halloween at the Park

Halloween was a Fun Day for All.  I used a kitchen knife, spoon, x-acto knife and a screw driver to carve the pumpkin.  I think I should visit Michael’s Arts & Crafts to get better tools for next year.  The pumpkin is a dinosaur hatchling.  What else could it be?  Everyone got in the sprit!  […]

Raptor Step 2: Foundation

Now that you have selected your site, do you want your Dinosaur on the bare ground?  Moisture is not a friend to metal.  Even if you follow future instructions to reduce or prevent rust, a little foundation preparation can take those preventive measures to a higher level. A rake, shovel, leveler and work gloves will help you clear […]

The “Jurassic World” movie premier

I enjoy my Metal Dinosaurs too much to just leave them in the yard.  Kevin the T-Rex hatchling likes to ride in the car.  I decided to take him to the “Jurassic World” premier at the Century Riverpark 16 and XD theater in Oxnard, CA.  No, I didn’t try to buy an extra ticket and take […]

Raptor & T-Rex the beginning of the blog

  After acquiring my 4th & 5th Metal Dinosaur, I decided to document my process for preserving and finishing them.  My first 3 Dinosaurs are in the How to Gallery page as slide shows.  I hope you enjoy the process and if you have any tips or comments, please share them on the Contact page. […]