What Do Dinosaurs Want for Christmas?

Everyone helped out with the Holiday decorations.  Some got a little tangled in them.  Alejandro decides to setup the Winter Village.  It’s always a great display.  Although with Alejandro alongside it could be mistaken for a scene from Godzilla. We have a couple of new arrivals, Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus and Teresa a larger Triceratops.  There […]

Angie gets more Splashes of Color!

The Yellow & Almond have received two coats of paint as well as the Nutmeg, Red and Purple.  Angie’s Lavender Eyes are back too!  I created some templates from scraps of cardboard to add another color accent to the yellow areas.  The cardboard came from the dog’s biscuit box.  It separates the layers of the […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing You and Your Family & Friends a Very Special Thanksgiving Day.     “Encouraging the Appreciation of Art and Education through the Inspiration of Dinosaurs” Paul & Prehistoric Pals Your feedback is appreciated, Thank you!

Angie’s Painting and Fresh Pumpkin Pie!

After cleaning Angie’s “Dino Fest” painting activities, Angie was placed on her side to begin the makeover.  After applying the two coats of Rust-oleum’s Ultra Cover Gloss Almond, a first coat of the Gloss Sun Yellow was completed. While the second coat of Sun Yellow was drying, a first coat was applied to the hooves, […]

Today at JurassicQuest!

I arrived a half hour early and a line had already started.  You still have time to check it out!  They’re open until 8:00 pm tonight and 9:00 am until 7:00 pm Sunday.  It’s Great Fun for All Ages.  Outdoor and indoor exhibits with life like and Life Size Dinosaurs!  Rides for the Kids and […]

JurassicQuest at the Ventura County Fairgrounds

Today and This Weekend don’t miss JurassicQuest at the Ventura County Fairgrounds 10 W Harbor Blvd. Ventura, CA 93001 Check out their website for details: www.jurassicquest.com I’ll be there to check the 80 Dinosaurs – Baby, Walking & Giant!  There are lots of Activities too!  Exhibitor Tour, Science Stations, Dino Crafts, Face Painting, Fossil Digs […]

Halloween Results & Thanksgiving Prep

Halloween at the Park was great fun!  Craving Pumpkins & Scary Movies or maybe just the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”!  Hopefully you didn’t consume too much candy.  Many Dentists were purchasing your excess candy by the pound.  In addition, there are many non-profit organizations that will take your extra candy and send it to Service […]

Haunted Museum & Halloween Fun!

Sunday October 22nd was the Haunted Museum Adventure at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County.  An Exclusive Event for those with Museum Memberships. Membership does have its Privileges!  Please consider becoming a Member.  The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has many Levels of Membership – Individual, Individual Plus+, Dual, Dual Plus+, Family, Family […]

Angie the Augustynolophus – Painting

The Wire Brushing, Acid Washing and Rinsing has been completed.  Angie has had a Full Day to completely Dry.  Now it’s time for Primer and Painting.  On all the other Prehistoric Animals in the Park, I used Rust-oleum Spray Paints and Rust Convertors.  This time I decided to try Rust-oleum’s Brush Paints.  First Step, Apply […]