Angie’s Makeover is finished before the New Year!

Angie has been telling me she really wanted to have her new look finished before the year end.  As I mentioned where we left her before Christmas, I wanted to add some color to separate the Yellow and Almond areas.  My first attempted encouraged me to continue adding more width and variation to the dividing […]

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Wishing You All a Very Happy Christmas & Wonderful New Year! At the Park We will be Singing a Special Version of the Typical Holiday Carols and Reading Dinosaur Tales.  We hope you enjoy them too! Rudolph the Red Nose Raptor Rudolph the red nose Raptor had a very shiny nose. And if you ever […]

What Do Dinosaurs Want for Christmas?

Everyone helped out with the Holiday decorations.  Some got a little tangled in them.  Alejandro decides to setup the Winter Village.  It’s always a great display.  Although with Alejandro alongside it could be mistaken for a scene from Godzilla. We have a couple of new arrivals, Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus and Teresa a larger Triceratops.  There […]

Angie gets more Splashes of Color!

The Yellow & Almond have received two coats of paint as well as the Nutmeg, Red and Purple.  Angie’s Lavender Eyes are back too!  I created some templates from scraps of cardboard to add another color accent to the yellow areas.  The cardboard came from the dog’s biscuit box.  It separates the layers of the […]