Haunted Museum & Halloween Fun!

Sunday October 22nd was the Haunted Museum Adventure at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County.  An Exclusive Event for those with Museum Memberships. Membership does have its Privileges!  Please consider becoming a Member.  The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles has many Levels of Membership – Individual, Individual Plus+, Dual, Dual Plus+, Family, Family […]

Angie the Augustynolophus – Painting

The Wire Brushing, Acid Washing and Rinsing has been completed.  Angie has had a Full Day to completely Dry.  Now it’s time for Primer and Painting.  On all the other Prehistoric Animals in the Park, I used Rust-oleum Spray Paints and Rust Convertors.  This time I decided to try Rust-oleum’s Brush Paints.  First Step, Apply […]

Angie’s Makeover

Like all the metal sculptures Angie goes through a process to protect her from the elements.  The final finish is my imagination for what the particular Prehistoric Animal might have looked like.  Since we don’t know positively (yet), I like to have fun with color.  After all Birds are Dinosaurs descendants and look at the […]

Ankylosaur Fossil Remains So Well Preserved It looks like a Statue!

The Ankylosaurus has been compared to a military tank.  Some 65 million years ago this big, plodding creature covered from head to toe in impenetrable armor was furnished with offensive weapons that could cripple even the most ferocious predator.  Ankylosaur is a genus for a large group of plated, armadillo-like herbivores.  The Ankylosaurus is the […]