It was a Fantastic “Dino Fest” Weekend!

This was my first “Dino Fest” and my first major event!  There were 11,997 guests for “Dino Fest” weekend at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles County. You prepare for the event.  You make lists – water base paint, paint pumps, trays, sponges, smocks, wet wipes and oh yes Angie the Dinosaur!  You think you […]

Where Do Metal Dinosaurs Come From? Well, Gilbert Ramos for one!

Gilbert Ramos is responsible for 5 of the 8 Metal Dinosaurs in the Park (Now 6 of 9 with Angie’s arrival).  Gilbert moved his store location to Rancho Cucamonga from Woodland Hills a few months ago.  With all the excitement around Augustynolophus becoming the State of California’s Official Dinosaur, it seemed sensible for this to […]

Back to School at the Park!

We hope You are all enjoying being Back at School – sharing your summer vacations with friends, making new friends, having new great teachers and just the excitement of activities with a new school year!  At School of Art, History, Language, Time Travel and other Sciences – the Learning Never Stops.  As you can […]