Picnic with Dinosaurs

Last weekend the Southern California Imperial Club and Guests were Welcomed to the Park. It was great fun! Travelers from San Diego, Palm Springs, Long Beach, Hollywood, Stevenson Ranch, Camarillo and a couple of neighbors enjoyed the Dinosaurs and Classic Cars. Six Imperials were on display – 1955 Crown Imperial Limousine, 1960 LeBaron 4 door […]

Don’t Try This at Home? And Dinosaur Trackers!

Saturday was a big day at the Park. It was the first event held here. Look for more on next weekend’s post “Picnic with Dinosaurs”. There was a great deal to do in preparation for the visitors. One activity was to repaint the speed bump to make it very visible for drivers. Initially I thought […]

Dinosaur Encounters at the Natural History Museum LA part 2

Back to Dinosaur Encounters at The Natural History Museum Los Angeles. It was time for Hunter the T-Rex. Kinsey again on spot reserving me a front row seat. Jon plays the Eccentric Paleontologist. Brittany played Jon’s Assistant and Andrew operates Hunter with Lisa & Jaquita behind the scenes handling the tech. Jon does a rough […]