Dinosaur Transports

If you want to move your Dinosaur, you need to consider how?  Its size, distance, your terrain and your physical capabilities should all be considered when answering this question.  Selecting the right permanent spot to begin with might help.  But plans change and your weather conditions may warrant changing locations especially for those living in […]

Dinosaurs & The Strawberry Festival (conclusion)

I hope you were able to make the Strawberry Festival part of your weekend.  If not mark your calendars now for next April 2018 to check out http://www.castrawberryfestival.org to make sure you don’t miss next year!  In addition, you can enjoy discounts when you buy your tickets a month early.  It was a great festival. […]

Dinosaurs & The Strawberry Festival

Join the Summer Fun in Oxnard, California at the Strawberry Festival!  This Weekend – Saturday & Sunday May 20 & 21, 2017 10:00am – 6:30pm for an unforgettably sweet experience! The California Strawberry Festival is among the top festivals in the nation with over 50 food booths, contests, rides and attractions, over 200 Arts & […]

Natural History Museum Los Angeles – Meet Nate a Paleontologist! part 2

During my visit with Nathan D. Smith, PH.D. Associate Curator The Dinosaur Institute, we discussed where animals fall on the Cladograms.  I have often found this very confusing when reading different writer’s articles.  Nate suggests looking at the evolution of animals as a line in time.  Scientists created groups for Fish, Amphibians, Mammals, Reptiles, Pterosaurs, […]