Natural History Museum Los Angeles – Meet Nate a Paleontologist!

At my recent visit to the Natural History Museum Los Angeles, I had the privilege to meet Nathan D. Smith, PH.D. and Associate Curator of the Dinosaur Institute at the Museum.  This was arranged by Cristina Rosales, Coordinator, Fellows Advancement.  The Museum has many Membership Programs to fit your needs.  I joined the “Fellows Program”.  […]

Totally 80’s Weekend!

We are looking forward to kicking back and enjoying an Awesome Totally 80’s Weekend.  Let’s play some vinyl. Let’s see what we have: Phil Collins – “Sussudio, One More Night, Don’t Lose My Number”; Dead or Alive – “You Spin Me Round, Lover Come Back to Me”; Depeche Mode – “Something to Do, People Are […]

Crafts for Easter Fun Completed!

I finished repairing the insert for the Easter Basket.  It looks good as new!  Next year I will probably make a new insert using color card stock to make more interesting and much sturdier. Note: The Styrofoam was used to provide depth for the lower layer.  I frequently receive packages with Styrofoam sheets.  I always […]

EasTer Rex and Crafts for Easter Fun!

We have all heard of the Easter Bunny.  Did you know there were Easter Dinosaurs?  Really!  The EasTer Rex, the EasteRapator, EasTerceratops and many other Eatersaurus.  For some reason the Bunny is the only Easter animal people seem to remember.  Hmmmm.  Millions of years ago a group of Dinosaurs met to improve relationships with all […]

The Terrifying Travels of Terry & Tracy

Terry & Tracy decide to take a cross country driving trip.  They were looking forward to seeing all their favorite places in the USA.  After warming up the ’54 Imperial, they were off.  Several enjoyable days of sightseeing passed and Terry decides to takes a short cut that promises a more scenic route.  But does it???  Terry […]