Springtime with Dinosaurs!

It’s Springtime at the Park.  The wisteria is in bloom.  In addition, the rains this year have provided lots of green.  Warmer weather is the perfect time to start planting flowers and vegetables.  Which means lots of yard work!  Paul, Marc & Christopher have been trimming (or eating) the brush around their area.  Marc would […]

A “Dinotopia” Reading & Dinosaurs in the Public Library – Book Review continued

We had a “Dinotopia” reading today at the Park.  “Dinotopia: A Land apart from Time” and “Dinotopia: The World Beneath” by James Gurney.   He created these wonderful stories and published them in 1992 & 1995 respectively.  James published two other “Dinotopia” books – “First Flight” 1999 and “Journey to Chandara” 2007.  I will have to […]

Solar Rocks – Dinosaurs back in the Spotlight

Their Back!  Bed, Bath & Beyond has these great solar lights disguised as rocks.  Three LED for $14.99 (set two small and one large rock).  If you save your $5.00 off coupons that lowers the price to $9.99!  If you find a better deal let me know.  These are a seasonal item for BB&B, so […]

Triceratops Marc – Painting Mouth, Detailing & Touch-Ups

I often cover most of the Dinosaur even when masking a small area like the mouth.  When you are painting outside the wind can kick up and change direction in an instant placing unwanted overspray on a previously finished area.  A little extra preparation at the start can save you a great deal of work […]