Location & Foundation for Your Metal Dinosaur

I photographed the rain we had last weekend at the park.  The flooding indicates the importance of selecting the right location for your Metal Dinosaurs.   Understanding how the weather impacts your property will help you choose the best area(s) to place your dinosaur(s).  Taking pictures of your property during such events provides a nice visual […]

Training Your Metal Dinosaur

When you bring your metal dinosaur home, give him time to get use to his new surroundings.  Then you can start training. Dinosaurs are very intelligent and sensitive animals.  As a result “sit”, “lay down” and “roll over” won’t fly.  However, “Stay” seems to work extremely well.  They actually really enjoy that request.  So much, […]

Dinosaurs at Family Story Time – Camarillo Public Library

The book reading Tuesday Night at the City of Camarillo Public Library was a success.  The kids were great and had lots of questions.  They all had their favorite dinosaur – T-Rex, Velociraptor, Pteranodon and Brontosaurus (now know as Apatosaurus).  I know, I really liked the Brontosaurus name meaning “Thunder Lizard” much more.  But that’s […]

Prepping for Jan. 10th Book Reading at the City of Camarillo Public Library

Kevin and I are practicing for our Tuesday Night 7:00 pm book reading at the City of Camarillo Public Library.  Marc (triceratops), Antonio (Pteranodon) and Alejandro (T-Rex, Kevin’s older brother) listen intently.  Dominic (T-Rex) and Raphael (Raptor) listen off camera as they attend to other projects.  Christopher & Paul (Triceratops) are outside helping in the […]