Happy Thanksgiving & Anniversary

Preparations have been under way for a great Thanksgiving meal.  I brined a turkey breast.  I found a recipe online for how to brine a turkey.  I been using it ever since.  Previously I used it with a large turkey that required a 5-gallon bucket to soak in overnight.  Keeping such a large container chilled […]

Dinosaurs in the Public Library

I picked up a few books at the City of Camarillo Public Library to assisted with lesson plans at: PaulsPrehistoricPark.com School of Art, History, Language, Time Travel & other Sciences Your Public Library is a great source of information.  Ours allows you to check out 30 books at once!  The Reference Librarians are very helpful […]

PaulsPrehistoricPark.com School of Art, Language, History, Time Travel & other Science

Raphael and Dominic are the last to arrive at school today.  I purchased a couple of video courses for “How to Draw” and “Learning Spanish” from The Great Courses.  My first experience with The Great Courses was “The Great Tours: Greece and Turkey, from Athens to Istanbul” for a future trip.  We’ll use this course […]

Ricardo Breceda Artist of the Borrego Springs Sculptures

Ricardo Breceda was born in Durango, Mexico.  After College, Ricardo became an Elementary School Teacher.  Disappointed with the salary teachers receive in Mexico, Ricardo moved to California staying with his brother while learning a new trade.  Ricardo worked his way up from dishwasher at an El Torito Restaurant to manager of a restaurant on his […]