Halloween made easy with Dinosaurs

Are You Ready for Halloween? This year I decided to get some proper tools for pumpkin carving.  I made a trip to Michaels and picked up a craving kit and a colossal carver.  The carving kit comes with 16 patterns to create a scary Halloween pumpkin.  They were 30% off too!  Unfortunately, no dinosaur patterns!  […]

Metal Dinosaurs in the Desert – part 2 of 2

It’s time to head south on Borrego Springs Road from Palm Canyon Drive.  The road will curve east after approximately 3 ¼ miles and on your right you will come across several Sabretooth Cats and Horses.  You’ll have to decide if you wish to drive off road a bit or view them all on foot.  […]

Metal Dinosaurs in the Desert – part 1 of 2

I made the 200+ mile drive to Borrego Springs, California to see the famous metal sculptures of Ricardo Breceda.  To arrive at sunrise, I had to leave home at 3:00 am.  Sunrise provides great lighting for photographing these wonderful works of art.  It also allowed me to avoid the rush hour traffic.  There are 129 […]

Is your Metal Dinosaur a Cylon?

If you have seen the Universal Studio’s revisioned Battlestar Galactica created by David Eick & Ronald Moore 2004 – 2009, you may have concerns about your metal dinosaurs.  If you haven’t yet experienced the series, I highly recommend it.  I would give it a PG rating.  If you have seen the series, it’s probably time […]

LA Zoo – UnExtinct

I made a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo to visit the “DINOSAURS UNEXTINCT” exhibit.  It was great!  Outside the exhibit is a Spinosaurus enjoying a meal.  As you enter you are greeted by a couple of Brachiosaurus.  You continue on the path to be entertained by one dinosaur after another.  I’ll provide you a […]