Entry Sentry

If you have the right spot, your Dinosaur can be a great source of enjoyment indoors.  I have a cabinet that is 35 inches in height near the double front entry doors.  I was made to fit in a space with angular walls.  Top surface dimensions 4 feet 10 ¾ inches across the front right […]

Kevin gets a Makeover!

Kevin is my first Dinosaur adoption.  My process was developed working with him.  I used fluorescent paints Green (Leaves), Orange and Yellow (Head/Face).   The other colors were gloss – Light Turquoise (Egg & Eyes), Berry Pink (Mouth), White (Teeth) and Colonial Red (Tongue).   The tops of the fluorescent paint cans may lead you to believe […]

Bette Davis Eyes

Does your Dinosaur have Bette Davis eyes? There has been debate over Bette’s eye color.  My google search indicated dark blue.  However, many pictures looked like green.  Any experts out there? I can hear Kim Carnes singing her 1981 hit that remained #1 for 9 weeks – “She’s got Bette Davis Eyes”! Link to song […]

Triceratops and Baby Dinosaurs Sighting!

Triceratops adults and a couple of juveniles were recently seen at Gilbert Ramos Fountain & Garden Art in Woodland Hills.  A baby T-Rex and two young Apatosaurus were also sighted at this location.  Hurry before they move on!  If you miss them be sure to check with Gilbert (909) 843-0499 for when he expects more […]