Preparing for Christmas

Everyone is in the Holiday Spirit at the Park. We all took part in setting out the Decorations while Singing Carols. The favorites are: “Rudolph the Red Nose Raptor”, “The Twelve Dinosaurs of Christmas”, “O’ Christmas Tree” and “We Three Triceratops of Orient Are”.   [Show thumbnails] Please make comments in CONTACT tab Thank You!

New Arrivals – Triceratops Family

Sunday is a Fun Day at Paul’s Prehistoric Park!  A Family of Triceratops has arrived.  Two parents and their child. Gilbert Ramos brings the adopted family to their new home. He has a Raptor and a T-Rex on his transport, as well. They are on their way to a new home in Camarillo, CA.   [Show […]

Featured Artist – Gilbert Ramos

Gilbert Ramos has been a welder for over 25 years.  He has a great talent and eye for detail.  Gilbert creates many life-like animals from metal.  He has developed a particular expertise with dinosaurs over the last 17 years.  To his knowledge he is the first to make dinosaurs from metal and the first to […]

Dinosaur Hangouts

If you are Simi Valley check out Yosemite Service at 5803 E. Los Angeles Ave. You can fill your tank and get a car wash. As you drive through the car wash you will come across a young Spinosaurus and T-Rex in a heated discussion with an adult Raptor in the background. Keep your hands […]