Where Do Metal Dinosaurs Come From? Well, Gilbert Ramos for one!

Gilbert Ramos is responsible for 5 of the 8 Metal Dinosaurs in the Park (Now 6 of 9 with Angie’s arrival).  Gilbert moved his store location to Rancho Cucamonga from Woodland Hills a few months ago.  With all the excitement around Augustynolophus becoming the State of California’s Official Dinosaur, it seemed sensible for this to […]

Meet Alan Sam a Metal Sculpture Artist in Zimbabwe!

Alan Sam was also fascinated by Dinosaurs at a young age.  He has been making Metal Dinosaurs for 3 years.  He learned to weld 10 years ago under the tutelage of Ray Chisadza – one of the best welders in the land.  Alan started with Birds, Giraffes, Tortoise then life sized Dinosaurs!  Alan is part […]

Ricardo Breceda Artist of the Borrego Springs Sculptures

Ricardo Breceda was born in Durango, Mexico.  After College, Ricardo became an Elementary School Teacher.  Disappointed with the salary teachers receive in Mexico, Ricardo moved to California staying with his brother while learning a new trade.  Ricardo worked his way up from dishwasher at an El Torito Restaurant to manager of a restaurant on his […]

Triceratops and Baby Dinosaurs Sighting!

Triceratops adults and a couple of juveniles were recently seen at Gilbert Ramos Fountain & Garden Art in Woodland Hills.  A baby T-Rex and two young Apatosaurus were also sighted at this location.  Hurry before they move on!  If you miss them be sure to check with Gilbert (909) 843-0499 for when he expects more […]

Pachycephalosaurus Sighting!

Two Pachycephalosaurus have been seen in Woodland Hills at Fountains & Garden Art! http://FountainsGardenArt.com The name Pachycephalosaurus comes from Greek – meaning thick headed lizard.  They lived in the Cretaceous Period in North America – Montana, South Dakota & Wyoming and now two in Woodland Hills, CA!  Pachycephalosaurus were herbivorous or omnivorous animals eating leaves, […]

Art Imitating Life

I made a trip to the Natural History Museum Los Angles to see the latest Dinosaur Exhibits. I believe the last time I was there was a Field Trip in Elementary School. At that time Dinosaurs were thought to be cold blooded reptiles. I still have a few books from that time. Even then they […]

Featured Artist – Gilbert Ramos

Gilbert Ramos has been a welder for over 25 years.  He has a great talent and eye for detail.  Gilbert creates many life-like animals from metal.  He has developed a particular expertise with dinosaurs over the last 17 years.  To his knowledge he is the first to make dinosaurs from metal and the first to […]