Pamela and a Field Trip

Many Paleoartists add spikes along the top of the neck, back and tail on the Pachycephalosaurus.  I decided to use paint to create the look of spikes in these areas.  A few pieces of cardboard were helpful in creating a template for spikes for Pamela.  I used the Hammered Gold for the triangular spikes sprayed […]

Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus Primer and Painting

Time for primer and painting.  Lying your Dinosaur on its side allows you to provide a good protective coating inside the legs.  It is also helpful to ensure a good coating on the underside of the body.  Several light coats are better than one heavy one.  After returning to an upright position, the priming can […]

Pamela the Pachycephalosaurus gets a Makeover

It’s always a good idea to select a site before adopting a Metal Dinosaur.  Depending on the size you don’t want to be moving them around frequently.  Mine are involved in many of my projects so they tend to travel the yard and inside the house from time to time.  I have platform trucks and […]

Angie’s Makeover is finished before the New Year!

Angie has been telling me she really wanted to have her new look finished before the year end.  As I mentioned where we left her before Christmas, I wanted to add some color to separate the Yellow and Almond areas.  My first attempted encouraged me to continue adding more width and variation to the dividing […]

Angie gets more Splashes of Color!

The Yellow & Almond have received two coats of paint as well as the Nutmeg, Red and Purple.  Angie’s Lavender Eyes are back too!  I created some templates from scraps of cardboard to add another color accent to the yellow areas.  The cardboard came from the dog’s biscuit box.  It separates the layers of the […]

Angie’s Painting and Fresh Pumpkin Pie!

After cleaning Angie’s “Dino Fest” painting activities, Angie was placed on her side to begin the makeover.  After applying the two coats of Rust-oleum’s Ultra Cover Gloss Almond, a first coat of the Gloss Sun Yellow was completed. While the second coat of Sun Yellow was drying, a first coat was applied to the hooves, […]

Angie the Augustynolophus – Painting

The Wire Brushing, Acid Washing and Rinsing has been completed.  Angie has had a Full Day to completely Dry.  Now it’s time for Primer and Painting.  On all the other Prehistoric Animals in the Park, I used Rust-oleum Spray Paints and Rust Convertors.  This time I decided to try Rust-oleum’s Brush Paints.  First Step, Apply […]

Angie’s Makeover

Like all the metal sculptures Angie goes through a process to protect her from the elements.  The final finish is my imagination for what the particular Prehistoric Animal might have looked like.  Since we don’t know positively (yet), I like to have fun with color.  After all Birds are Dinosaurs descendants and look at the […]